Connect with people that you seen in real-life.

Peacock allows you to match with people that you’ve seen in real life encounters at the gym, cafe, restaurant, a bar or someone that sits a few rows ahead of you in class everyday.

Peacock doesn’t believe in finding the love of your life based off of an edited photo. Peacock is designed to connect you with that person you encounter everyday and have been dying to find out more about them, but have yet to do so.

How Peacock works?



“A Peacock has feathers”. You’ve got a Beacon.
Turn on your beacon when you see someone in real life that you’re interested in to learn more about them.


Our proprietary verification process keeps you safe from spam profiles, con artists and most importantly, catfishers.


Get a Glimpse of what potential matches are doing right now. Glimpse shows you the true personality of the people you’re interested in. No more relying solely on pictures.

Benefits for Beta Testers

Sign up as  Beta Tester

Simply enter your name, email and phone number to start testing.

Refer 3 friends

We will provide you with a unique referral code so you can refer your friends to start testing too!

Get Peacock free

If you refer three friends and they become testers, you and your three friends will get Peacock 100% free for a year once we launch. It’s that easy!